August 2004 – With the announcement by Best Software for the release of ACT! 2005, TotalNet has taken its IT Consulting one step further. In addition to offering standard roll-outs of ACT! solutions, TotalNet along with it’s development and add-on partners has BOLDLY announced a campaign stating that No Problem Exists Concerning Contact Management For Which We Can Not Provide a Solution.

May 2004 – TotalNet announced its new vision of Outsourced Excellence. In addition to partnering with more than 10 solution partners in San Antonio and around the World, TotalNet now exclusively offers private outsourced solutions and consulting while cutting back on the basic server and network troubleshooting services. Included as a key offering is the one-on-one consulting offered by John Varg, President of TotalNet as a direct resource for educating, recommending, and over-seeing implementation of state-of-the-art IT Solutions.

February 2004 – TotalNet announced its expansion into a larger office space that more than doubled its previous space. The new space features a tech room, a modest server room, and administrative office space. TotalNet is located in the medical center area in Northwest San Antonio.

November 2003 – TotalNet announces the addition of two A+ and Microsoft Certified Professionals to the existing staff, allowing TotalNet to expand its menu of service items. In addition, TotalNet has announced the release of new retainer based maintenance plans with the option for same day service in San Antonio. With services starting at $65 per hour, TotalNet remains one of the most affordable professional solution providers in central Texas.

September 2003 РTotalNet Form Solutions, an internal division of TotalNet, Inc. has released a Special Education ARD/IEP Form Processing solution for Texas Public Schools! Simply named as TotalNet Special Ed, this solution was specifically designed for special education diagnosticians, pathologists, and other special education personnel in Texas. While other vendors offer their own version of ARD/IEP form solutions, TotalNet, Inc. brings one more special touch to the table. As a Texas S-Corporation, TotalNet, Inc. is the first Texas based vendor to publicly offer this type of service product to Texas public schools. Centrally located in San Antonio, TotalNet is able to offer on-site product demonstrations almost any day of the week with very short notice. Keeping it simple in price, and offering, J7 Form Solutions vows to remove the burden of cumbersome, repetitive, and error-prone processes associated with the completion of ARD/IEP forms.

May 2003 – TotalNet announced its first move into a commercial office space. Previously operated out of its owner’s home, the small company has outgrown its space and has moved its operation into the medical center area in Northwest San Antonio.