Company Info

TotalNet is a privately owned Texas Corporation offering computer and network services, programming, and technology consulting.

Our vision and goal is to provide convenient, affordable, quality technology services and solutions for small business, non-profit, government agencies, educational institutions, and other professional service providers.

TotalNet was founded by San Ant resident John Varg. Established as a sole proprietorship in early 2002 under the name, the small, well respected company soon grew in size and offerings and a filing for incorporation was complete on January 2, 2003.

Prior to the founding of in 2002, Mr. Varg spent the most recent 5 years with IBM ( at multiple assignments including senior level IT Systems Management and Security Services Project Management (1997-2002). As a high performer within IBM, Mr. Varg also completed IBM’s well respected Leadership Excellence professional development program in 1999. Mr. Varg received multiple awards while at IBM for excellence in leadership and performance. At the time of his resignation from IBM in 2002, Mr. Varg served as a Security Services Project Manager with responsibility for managing various projects designed to protect high security data centers. Mr. Varg left IBM on excellent terms with the decision to pursue a personal vision and convert a part-time hobby into a full-time commercial business venture.

Earlier experience includes IT Systems Consulting with Decision Consultants, Inc. (1996-1997) which has now been acquired by CIBER, Inc., and contract technical support for IBM Lotus in 1996.

Mr. Varg completed his Bachelor of Science degree in the College of Natural Sciences in 1996 from the University of Texas at Austin and in 1999 completed the Master’s Certification program in Project Management from the George Washington University, Washington, D.C. Mr. Varg also holds several Professional Certifications and maintains a high level of technical skill and ability through practice, experience, and a little bit of natural instinct.